Burlington's Automotive Experts

Kew’s Automotive offers expert automotive repair that’s based on experience and troubleshooting.  Kew’s team of professional automotive technicians diagnose mechanical problems accurately and quickly. 

Our automotive service technicians will examine, test and repair parts and systems on cars and light trucks.  Our expert technicians are involved in reassembling and testing repaired items against manufacturers’ standards, as well as performing preventative maintenance, such as wheel alignments, oil changes and tune-ups.  They are skilled in using computerized diagnostic equipment to test, adjust and repair key vehicle components, such as engines, steering systems, braking systems, drive trains, vehicle suspensions and electrical systems. 

Preventative maintenance is based on scheduled replacement of various parts, which should occur before failure to avoid far more expensive damage. 

Quality Automotive Repair Service

Doing it right by using quality parts and going the extra mile are key factors that separates Kew’s Automotive from the competition.   Kew’s Automotive understands how important your car is to you for your busy schedule.  The inconvenience of a day without your car costs you time.  We always use dependable quality parts designed to last.  We also service fleets that can’t afford downtime.   Our services include:

Buying a Used Vehicle?

Don’t get stuck with a lemon!  Protect your investment by letting Kew’s Automotive inspect your vehicle before you make the decision to purchase. Our experts will help you make the right choice by letting you know what you’re getting and what to expect.  

The Kew's Automotive Pledge

         Because your satisfaction is important to us, we will:

  • Conduct ourselves at all times with the honesty, integrity and skills associated with professionals. 
  • Stand behind our work and honour all guarantees and warranties associated with the services we provide and the products/parts we use. 
  • Recommend and perform only those services we deem to be in the best interests of our customers. 
  • Continuously update our knowledge to effectively meet the demands of new automotive technologies. 
  • Continuously upgrade our tools and equipment to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated automobiles. 
  • Provide our customers with fair value for services rendered. 


Dave Kew


What our customers are saying...

The success of Kew’s Automotive has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction.  Proprietor, Dave Kew, has quickly gained a loyal following in the community by providing good, old-fashioned customer service and quality workmanship.  Burlington and Hamilton area residents trust Kew’s Automotive for honest, dependable service.

  • I use Dave for all my maintenance and repairs because I trust him. He always educates me on things and tries to save me money. Thanks to the team at Kew’s Automotive!

    Stephen Morgan
  • Dave was just great. His expertise saved me a lot of money. Many thanks!

    Abdul Adamson

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