Expert Tire Service

Have you ever stopped to think how much contact your car actually has with the road?  Your car stays on the road because of four hand-sized pieces of rubber compound.  Let’s keep your tires properly inflated and rotated. And let’s replace your tires when the tread gets worn.   
Tire symptoms include:

  • Tires worn on only one side
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Car shakes a certain speeds

Reliability and honesty are the reason why customers keep coming back to Kew’s Automotive. We are committed to meeting your tire needs. Our staff is trained to help you purchase tires that will perform the best with your vehicle and driving conditions.  We’ll evaluate the wear on your current tires, point out problems such as uneven or severe tire wear, and recommend maintenance, repair and replacement options that fit your budget.

Tire maintenance includes checking and correcting tire inflation according to manufacturer specifications and tire rotation to even out wear and help extend the life of your tires.  Regular tire maintenance, done right, can improve gas mileage and overall driving performance of your vehicle. When the condition of your tires indicates repairs are needed, we’ll check for alignment, suspension and brake problems, which can be the symptom or the cause of uneven wear.  And, of course, we repair flat tires!   


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